Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I spent last night browsing through sites, looking at pictures of Audrey, Charlotte Church, and Princess Margaret. Besides the fun of looking at the rich and famous, I was searching for ideas to apply to having my own pictures made next week, for my 21st. Mother and I went to visit a photographer yesterday, and he, Jeremy, and his wife, Tana, were very nice and seem to listen to my ideas. Photographers are a lot like hairdressers, in that they mold your outer image, need to be good listeners, and the not-so-good ones do what they know and don't try to get the effect you want. We have an old bridge in town, called Carpenter's Bluff, that overlooks the river, and we may take a few shots out there. It's a dilapidated, one-way bridge with a crickety foot path, and a rocky beach below. It's my favourite out of the way spot in our town, and would make nice informal pictures.

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