Sunday, October 19, 2008


Me and my mates were sitting in school talking at lunchtime when my other friend called Julz ran round the corner like an excited puppy screaming "Have you seen it?!" Rather confused, we said no. "Well, hurry up, follow me!!" came the reply, Julz now hopping from foot to foot with sheer glee.
We followed her into the girls toilets were a small crowd of 1st years had formed round one of the cubicles. Using our folders as battering rams, we bravely fought our way into the toilet to be greeted by the sight of...the biggest turd I have EVER seen. Honestly, it was as thick as my fist and it actually curled in the bowl.
The worst thing though? The 1st years had their camers phones out and were taking pictures of it! I'm sure that'd be nice to recieve over dinner...

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