Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not terribly exciting...

Family holiday to the wonderful city of York. Stopping off at a motorway services on the way there, we did a bit of shopping at the Sainsburys store that was present. I, the inquisitive 7 year old that I was, spotted some tasty looking Trebor Lemon Mints in the sweetie section, and proceeded to buy three packs.

When we got to York, I'd scoffed my way through two packs, and was saving my last pack for the remainder of the holiday. Bored, I decided to read the ingredients. "WARNING: THIS PRODUCT MAY HAVE LAXATIVE EFFECTS IN SMALL CHILDREN".

Unsure as to what this means, I ask my Dad: "Dad, what does "laxative" mean?". He replies "It makes you go to the toilet all the time.".

Thinking he was joking, I ignored his warning and proceeded to eat the third and final pack anyway.

For the rest of the holiday, three whole days - I was stopping every five or ten minutes to find a toilet. The York sightseeing tour was most interesting...

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