Thursday, April 30, 2009


I love it when events dovetail naturally and confirm each other. Life is a series of experiences that build upon one another, for good or ill, and we must remember that growing is awkward but necessary. And when I think something is ordained, it's most likely effecting some other change in my life that I can't forsee.

So, I'm wondering how much words can make plans come true. There are many wishes, hopes, and dreams tucked away amongst my words here, and a few goals that have been realized in the real part of my life that you, the reader, can't see. But I can, and that's exciting.

Yahweh has been working fear out of my life, despondency that is ridiculous yet real, and hopelessness which is harder than faith or love for me. I suppose that faith is for what you can't see, love for yourself that gives to others, and hope depends upon belief that He is pushing the buttons and moving, being for me. My belief in Him isn't faith most of the time, it's just knowing. He's there and I can't deny it, wouldn't want to at all. And the love for others, it's difficult but I do it. Hope is a harder task, hope for the future, the world, myself. Contentment is still a struggle, but maybe that's meant to be.

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